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Lewis Bowman - Fine Artist

Lewis Bowman was born in Fort Worth, TX raised by his mom and dad. He’s the youngest of two brothers and two sisters.

Creating artwork has been a passion in Lewis Bowman’s life since his early childhood. When Mr. Bowman was at the age of 6 or 7, he became sick and his mother instructed him to stay home in bed. While lying in bed, he decided to occupy his time. Mr. Bowman grabbed a pencil and paper and started sketching the cartoon characters on his bed sheet. At that time, Mr. Bowman did not realize he was blessed with a ability To draw. When his mother returned home from work, he gave his mom his drawings. He remembers that her first reaction was utter amazement of what he had drawn. It was from that moment, both of them believed that Lewis was destined to become an artist. Mr. Bowman believes that was the beginning of his life long journey of developing as an artist.

As a self-taught artist Mr. Bowman says he has never received any formal art training . But he states that a majority of his training comes from experimenting and observation. He did receive an education in Visual Communications from the Art Institute of Dallas.
Mr. Bowman has worked in various aspects of graphics arts industry for many years. His experience ranges from packaging identity designs, logos, graphic design and 3-D/2-D computer animation.

But Mr. Bowman says fine art is still his first love. Through art he says it gives him a way to express feelings and emotions into each of his paintings. He says that he has an intense desire to expand his gift as an artist and share it with the world.

Mr. Bowman is a devoted believer in GOD. He states GOD has given him the ability to create works of art.  He explains that it is by an unseen wisdom and knowledge that the paintings just seem to emerge. He says that it just all comes together. He gives all praise, honor and glory to GOD for giving him the gift of creativity.

Mr. Bowman gives thanks to many supporters that have encouraged him throughout the years to never give up on his dream. He gives special thanks to his wife Tonia, the love of his life, helping him in so many ways and their children Monique and Elisha.